WPF 3D Chess Game

3DChess.zip (594 kB)
A WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 3D chess game. Supports AI or "player vs. player" game modes.

3D Molecule Viewer

3D Molecule Viewer is a stand-alone, demo version of the C-ME application that InterKnowlogy built for the Scripps Research Institute (TSRI). It is a WPF application built in C#. Affectionately called "The Cancer App", the full version of this application (a WPF front-end for SharePoint) is running in production and installed all over the world. As the brain-child of Dr. Peter Kuhn of TSRI, C-ME is just a step in realizing his dream/mission of "getting his arms around" cancer to turn it into a managed disease. This stand-alone, source code version of the application does not have the SharePoint dependency and allows you to open sample 3D Protein Database Format (PDB) files directly....spin them in 3D, zoom in on them, display them from different views, etc. This means you can get the application running quickly and stare at the code. Just a heads up: although WPF makes 3D dramatically easier, it still is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of Trigonometry and Calculus in the code. And it's really well written - which means its object oriented and consequently abstracted. The problem that C-ME solved (what Dr. Peter Kuhn did not have) was a way to view cancer and SARS molecules in 3D (and 2D) and attach research directly to the 3D (and 2D) surface of the molecules. Research takes many forms: Office documents, like Word, PDFs, URLs to content all over the world, pictures, and even SharePoint discussions. Upon "pinning" research to the exact spot on the 3D (or 2D) surface of the molecule the research is actually persisted into SharePoint with the 5 coordinates of 3D. This Rich Client WPF application consumes SharePoint Web Services to pull that off. This "new" application development paradigm solves an interesting problems like a highly graphical and usable 3D client for the desktop and the broad reach of a browser based application (SharePoint) to house the research and handle the collaboration and workflow.

3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation

3DTools.zip (1,4 MB)
A collection of tools to help developers using the 3D features in the Windows Presentation Foundation. This project currently includes utility code for rotating the camera with the mouse, drawing fixed width lines in 3D, and automatically generating texture coordinates.

WPF 3D View

3DView.zip (262 kB)
3DView control for displaying 2D content in a 3D space. It uses the WPF 3DTool library and Infragistics ToyBox(reflector assembly).

WPF About Box

aboutbox.zip (102 kB)
WPF About Box is a simple and free about box for WPF using MVVM pattern. Several properties can be set. Some properties are read from assembly, automatically.

ACP Log Analyzer

ACP Log Analyzer provides a quick and easy mechanism for generating a report on your ACP-based astronomical observing activities. Developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using C#, the .NET Framework version 4 and WPF.

Actipro WPF Controls Contrib

actipro.zip (1,7 MB)
Open source code developed in C# that can be used with Actipro's WPF controls. Current features include a number of enhancements for Microsoft's open source WPF DataGrid along with integration of Actipro's docking windows product with Prism.

Active Data Object for WPF Data Binding

To make CLR object's properties automatically notify value changes so that WPF data binding engine can update UI accordinally. The solution utilizes .NET custom TypeDescriptor mechanism to selectively override existing CLR property's behavoir or create fresh new property for data binding. Property change notification can be triggered by instance's events (for example, SomePropertyChanged event) or external events (for example, a Timer's Elapsed event). On top of the implementation stack, there will be an Application Model layer to make things more earier. It is being designed right now. With only one line of code, your binding to the DataTime.Now is made alive for WPF data binding. Try it and provide feedback to us!

ActiveSharp - Automatic INotifyPropertyChanged

Send property change notifications without specifying property name as a string.

Personal Activity Monitor - increas your productivity by eliminating timewasters

simple, personal activity monitor. See how much time do you spend using different applications. Localize your time wasters and minimize them and be happy with more time for your productivity


acutype.zip (5,5 MB)
Simple program that enables you to practice typing by copying out passages from books.

AMP (Adamo Media Player)

AMP is a custom media player that specializes in large media collections! Change the way you manage your media!


Adder.zip (10 kB)
Adder is simply converter for WPF binding. They add a value from parameter to target if a target int or double, concatenate parameter and value if type a strin

Advanced Resource Tab for Blend

Advanced Resource Tab is an extension to Blend for Visual Studio 2012 which adds an additional tab window to get more control over the default resource tab.

AdvGen Contact Manager

This project is a simple contact manager which is using wpf.


This project is to build a user friendly RSS reader. We are aimed to use WPF for this project.

Sample app for Adventureworks database

This project is to show people how to build apps around Adventureworks sample database with latest Microsoft technologies including WPF, Silverlight, Asp.Net, WF, WIF, etc.


This is an wpf project to build a stop watch


AeroForms allows you to apply the Aero effect across the entire window of your .NET WPF application using this open source C# DLL and a single line of code.


aeronotes.zip (40,5 MB)
Full Featured Vista Aero Glass Window Text Editor.